The Wire (June 2010)

Iron Man Pinball

Stern Pinball presents Iron Man Pinball, based on the “Iron Man” films. Iron Man Pinball features speech, art and dot matrix images of characters Tony Stark, Iron Man, Whiplash, War Machine, Rhody Iron Monger, Pepper Potts and more. Pinball players will fight against Whiplash and his ball-catching mechanism, which whips the ball around the playfield. The pinball machine contains songs from the movie’s score and also features two elevated ramps for multi-ball action.

Iron Man Pinball

Knight VaultKnight Vault

Knight Vault’s secure lockers keep customers’ belongings safe while in a bar or nightclub. Swiping a debit or credit card reserves lockers, and guests secure the lockers by choosing a four-digit pass code. Once the locker is shut and locked, the Knight Vault lockers are safe but can also be opened and shut throughout the night. Management can open lockers at any given time and take part in sweeps at closing time in minutes.


Kold-Draft T-270 GB Series Ice Crusher

Kold-Draft introduces its T-270 GB Series Ice Crusher, which operates in conjunction with the GB Series Classic Cubers to create a half-and-half ice machine. With the optional bin divider, it makes and stores half cubes or full cubes in one side with crushed ice in the other. The external knob allows the operator to choose cubes or crushed ice, and it saves floor space. All Kold-Draft ice machines meet California Energy Efficiency Standards.

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