The Wire (November 2009)

VitaMix Portion Blending System
The Vita-Mix Portion Blending System features a five-gallon hopper that automatically dispenses the exact amount of ice by weight for any frozen drink and alerts users to low ice conditions. Up to four drinks can be made at once with the “blend only” and “shave only” options to improve and customize drinks. The system features heavy-duty ice shaving and blending motors designed specifically for bars and restaurants.

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Ceilume Ceiling Tile
Ceilume vinyl plastic ceiling tiles are available in more than 40 styles and six colors to help change a venue’s décor. The tiles are unaffected by water or moisture, don’t hold onto smells, mold or bacteria and are easy to clean. Ceilume’s light design uses fewer resources than standard tiles and the material is locally recyclable; the tiles also are easy to install.

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Seven Kold-Draft Ice Sizes
Kold-Draft, which has increased its product warranty from three years to five years on parts and labor, offers pure ice cubes in three sizes and crushed ice in four sizes. The full cube (1.25 inches on all sides) is the only large cube on the market; the half-cube is 1.25 inches by 1.25 inches by 0.625 inches and is the most efficient in Kold-Draft’s line; and the cubelet is one quarter of the full cube (1.25 by 0.625 by 0.625 inches).

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