The Wire (November/December 2011)

Pathway’s New Messenger LED Exit Light

The new plastic Messenger exit light from Pathway, the Lighting Source, features an innovative light-emitting diode (LED) downlight that shines when alternating-current power is lost. The downlight delivers illumination to doorways and corridors through its adjustable reflector; a multi-dimensional refractor allows positioning of the light where needed. The long-life LED lamps reduce lamp replacements, mount easily, are suitable for damp label locations and are available in red or green lettering.

Bag End Time-Aligned Loudspeakers

Bag End Loudspeakers updated its Time-Aligned (TA) Series of full-range loudspeakers with a new high-performance and high-frequency E-700 driver, a transducer that converts one type of energy to another. This helps the loudspeaker improve its high-frequency response and contributes to lower distortion at extreme levels. The new updated TA models include the TA1202, TA2002 and TA6002.

Harman’s AKG Digital Wireless Microphone System

Harman’s AKG introduces its Digital Multiplex System (DMS) 70, a digital wireless microphone system that offers a worldwide license-free frequency range and ensures top-quality wireless operation. The DMS 70, a family of switching systems that provides digital circuit-switched service for voice and data transmission, is ideal for live sound and includes AKG’s Delayed Sound Reinforcement 70 Receiver, Digital Pocket Transmitter 70 and Digital Handheld Transmitter 70 wireless microphone. The DMS 70 features bi-directional communication between the transmitter and receiver and dynamic frequency selections that provide “intelligent” operation.


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