The Wire (September 2009)

Laminate Dance Floor

California Portable Dance Floor Co., which has been offering quality dance floor solutions for more than 50 years, presents its new waterproof laminate flooring. The floor is available in the New England Plank style or in black or white. The laminate top is durable and completely waterproof. California Portable Dance Floor Co. offers many other styles of flooring.

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MultiChef 3600PC Oven

Motion Technology Inc. redesigned its MultiChef 3600PC high-speed oven, featuring patented Rotary Air Impingement technology that prepares a variety of foods in a fraction of the time of traditional convection ovens without the use of a microwave. The MultiChef 3600PC has a redesigned bevel door, a four-tray cooking capacity, 100 programmable menu presets and a removable cooking cavity. Its ventless design eliminates the need for hoods and vents, so it can be installed practically anywhere.

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Vita-Mix BarBoss

With six blender programs, three-stage ramping and automatic shut-off, Vita-Mix’s BarBoss Advance is made for professionals. Its stainless steel blade increases blending speed and reduces blending time, and its 32-ounce container continually circulates ingredients and reduces cavitation. The new BarBoss Advance is nearly 20 percent quieter than previous models and its advanced technology motor ensures it won’t overheat during peak volumes or when using thick ingredients.

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American Metalcraft Ice Buckets, Wine Coolers

Available in stainless steel or copper-plated stainless steel, American Metalcraft’s Hammered Ice Buckets and Wine Coolers offer a one-of-a-kind finish. The ice buckets and wine coolers are meant to be mixed and matched with the copper and silver used together. They also can be used with other hammered barware by American Metalcraft, such as the Hammered Cocktail Shakers, available in four different sizes, and the Hammered Party Tub.

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Golden Tee's 2010 Update

As Golden Tee turns 21, the game gets new updates: five new courses, images designed for high-definition TVs, a new nine-hole $2 prize play and more. The five new courses are: The Great Wall (Mutianyu, China), Monument Valley (Navajo, Ariz.), Tahiti Cove (Taverea, Tahiti), Bella Toscana (Tuscany, Italy) and Southern Oaks (Valdosta, Ga.). Additionally, a Skins version returns in 2010, and a new Stats Play mode is available for statistic-obsessed players.

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Technological Artisan’s ClubCat Laser Systems

ClubCat Laser Systems include the Merlin interface and your choice of ClubCat laser projectors, ranging from variance free IIIA levels up to high-powered, full-color projectors. With the Merlin interface, choose from pre-loaded effects or create effects easily on your own. The ClubCat laser system is run on a crash-proof system and can be controlled by touch-screen or DMX. All systems may be purchased or leased.

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