Wirtz Beverages Will Add Craft Beer to Illinois Distribution List

Sourc Chicago Tribune:

Wirtz Beverage has announced it will begin distributing craft beer in Illinois, beginning in January with the nation's fifth-largest craft manufacturer, Oregon's Deschutes Brewery.

Wirtz, which distributes alcohol in five states, already distributes craft beer in Minnesota and Nevada.

"With the explosion of craft beer and our experience in those states, this is a viable opportunity to grow our business," said Julian Burzynski, senior vice president of Wirtz Beverage Illinois, a large distributor of wine and spirits in the state.

A small number of firms distribute craft beer in and around Cook County, including Louis Glunz Beer Inc., Windy City Distribution and River North.

Burzynski said that Illinois is a "probably underdeveloped" craft beer market and that Wirtz will focus on signing companies from the Western United States that are seeking to distribute more widely.

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