World's Greatest Margarita Features Tequila Avion

Today marks that majestic day that celebrates one of America's favorite drinks: the Margarita! According to, the United States is actually the world's largest tequila market. The Avion Tamarindo Margarita was recently crowned the World's Greatest Margarita at the Sixth Annual World Margarita Championship held in Tucson, Ariz. The brand also has won three medals, including Double Gold at The San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

A panel of renowned judges including legendary mixologist Dale DeGroff, Meredith May (publisher of The Tasting Panel), Robert Plotkin (Nightclub & Bar Contributing Editor and spirits authority) and Jennifer English (culinary expert) carefully judged countless margaritas, ultimately anointing the Avion Tamarindo Margarita, created by Gustavo del Toro of Tucson, Arizona's La Fuente Mexican Restaurant, as the World's Greatest Margarita.

Avion's smooth flavor profile has drawn praise from consumers and mixologists alike, as well as driven demand for the brand, accelerating its growth from two markets in 2010 to 48 states and parts of Canada at present.

The World Margarita Championship, the only event of its kind, featured celebrated mixologists from Mexico and the United States competing for top honors.

Tamarindo Margarita
Specialty of Gustavo del Toro and La Fuente Restaurant, Tuscon, Ariz.

2 oz. Tequila Avion Silver
1 oz. Grand Marnier
1/2 oz. lime juice
1/2 oz. orange juice
1/2 tsp. tamarindo puree
1 tsp. sugar
Rim glass with coarse salt and chili powder
Lime wheel and tamarindo peel for garnish

Combine Tequila Avion, Grand Marnier, lime juice, orange juice, tamarindo puree and sugar in a blender canister with cup of ice. Blend thoroughly and serve in a Margarita glass rimmed with coarse salt and chili powder. Garnish with a lime wheel and speared tamarindo peel.

Tamarino puree: To make enough puree to prepare four Margaritas, begin with 1 1/2 pounds of fresh tamarindos. Boil the fruit for approximately 45 minutes or until they are tender. Allow the fruit to cool and strain to remove the seeds. Add 1/2 tsp. of salt and sugar and then blend the fruit pulp until a puree.


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