WXIN: Liquor Distributors Get Creative With Super Bowl Plans

From FOX 59 WXIN:

Alcohol distributors and downtown businesses are getting creative as they try to figure out how to keep the alcohol flowing for the Super Bowl. Unprecedented crowds and security will make distribution near Lucas Oil Stadium extremely hard.

If the Big Ten championship game was a dry run for the Super Bowl, some bars may run dry. "We saw ourselves getting pretty low on alcohol right before the game started," said Gordon Cocke, owner of The Pub.

With kegs running out on Saturday, Cocke scrambled to get another delivery.

It was far from the only beer emergency call taken by Monarch Beverage Company.

"They said, ‘I’m loaded to the gills and we're out of beer, and I need it now,’” said Terry Williamson, Director of Operations with Monarch. “Luckily with the number of employees we have and the proximity to downtown, it was pretty easy."

It will be far more difficult to make last minute trips to bars downtown during the buildup to the Super Bowl. With widespread security zones and elaborate plans for Georgia Street and Capitol Avenue.


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