Yali Wines Neutralizes 100% of its CO2 Emissions to Obtain Carbon Neutral Certification

Sifting through the seemingly ubiquitous environmental claims on the wine shelf can be confusing and ultimately off-putting in many cases. Going green is a trend affecting nearly every product industry, but while finding that bottle of wine that actually lives up to its certifications and seals of approval can be difficult, some wine producers are breaking molds and drastically reducing their impacts on the environment. A leader in this category is Yali wines from Chile. Inspired by the Yali wetland located in Valparaiso region of central Chile, Yali reflects dedication to direct environmental innovation.

In 2012, Yali neutralized 100% of its CO2 emissions, thereby earning a Carbon Neutral Certification to halo its ongoing environmental efforts. In conjunction with this certification Yali continues its work with the renowned Carbon Reductions Institute of Australia to analyze the greenhouse gases produced throughout all of its production and commercial supply chains. Yali has also formed strategic alliances with international organizations such as the Hanuman Biomass Renewable Energy Project, a plant in India that uses biomass combustion to generate energy, as well as many projects that advocate for the protection of wetland areas and the ecosystems that they shelter.

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