Yost Theater

Name of Club: Yost Theater
Location: Santa Ana, Calif.
Ownership/Parent Company: Ritz Hotel
Square Footage: 11,000
Capacity/Seats: 1,000
Open Date: Aug. 1, 2011
Website: www.yosttheater.com

Yost Theater

Yost Theater, a well known historic landmark in Downtown Santa Ana, Calif., has been one of the most influential venues in California since 1912. Having served as a theater during the vaudeville movement, the Yost Theater brought in some of the most popular entertainers during that time period. Pure Evolution wants to continue Yost Theater’s legacy by bringing in the best entertainers and providing guests with memorable experiences. Yost Theater is not like other venues. It is both authentic to its history and in sync with its present. With its 1920s décor and atmosphere but with modernized technology, it is able to adapt to all forms of entertainment. This venue is known for having some of the most renowned DJs and bands. Yost Theater is not only able to provide some of the most well known artists, but also the most respected in the music industry.

There are nights for every type of crowd. For example, Yost Theater hosts concerts for all genres, club events and private events that may range from weddings to corporate events. With the help of the industry elite promotion company Pure Evolution Productions, Yost Theater is quickly becoming one of the most influential venues around. We are constantly setting the trends throughout Orange County, Calif., making it difficult for other venues to compete. Due to our inexpensive prices for drinks and priceless endeavor, the Yost Theater has been able to work its way to the top and remain such a well known venue. Yost always hits capacity bringing in over $100,000 per wee,k making its annual revenue at least $5.2 million each year. Yost supplies pre-eminent entertainment all throughout the venue with state of the art technology for laser shows, top quality sound systems, acrobats and more depending on the theme of the week.

Yost Theater takes pride in distinguishing itself from other clubs and making a matchless venue dedicated to meeting the highest standards. Yost Theater’s staff is extremely selective to ensure guests an enthralling experience. The entire staff, which includes bartenders, bar backs, security, stage set-up and waiters, is fully trained and are qualified to make sure that everyone’s expectations are not only reached, but exceeded.

One of our main focuses is to create the best experience for our guests, which motivates us to maintain a positive and team-oriented environment. Every staff member is constantly aware of their designated spaces and continuously pick up the guests to sustain a clean and safe place. Along with Yost’s outstanding staff, we have Shane Taulbee as our executive chef of Camden Restaurant. The menu features fantastic appetizers, salads, main courses and desserts. Yost Theater has set the highest goals for itself and is determined to keep up an ambiance that is unforgettable and enthralling to its guest.

We had the opportunity to assist DJ DC break the Guinness World Record for the “Longest Club DJ Marathon!” (www.worldrecorddj.com) Pure Evolution and the two owners of the Yost Theater, Dennis Lluy and Dave Leon, are going to make sure to stay true to our mission goals and that is to continue entertaining through innovative ideas. While it is currently one of the top entertainment venues in Orange County, together we will make sure that this venue reaches its full potential. With Yost’s 100th birthday coming up, we look forward to making this the best and most extraordinary year yet.

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