Your "Night" in Shining Armor

Image Source: Cask Strength

In a perfect world every guest is given the best service from the moment they join you to the moment they leave your establishment. These guests are polite, forgiving, and always leave just the right amount of gratuity. There are no issues with service, the bar never runs out of one specific spirit, and not one staff member is having their very own version of a bad day.

Unfortunately, we don’t live in a perfect world.

However, you can stack the odds in your favor and achieve daily operations that are close to perfect. To do this, you need strategize your night from all points of view as it relates to all staff aspects. Jenna Silverman and Kyle DiRaddo of IAMBRAND in Philadelphia specialize in fielding a cohesive staff with the understanding that chemistry matters, and that there should not be a front of house versus back of house battle. The knowledgeable pair will be presenting a session during the 2016 Nightclub & Bar Convention and Trade Show addressing the problematic Us versus Them mentality that permeates some staff members in terms of how they view your guests.

Additionally, Jenna and Kyle’s session promises to speak on promotions from all positions that create a cohesive staff. They also plan to break down and analyze your room from the lights and music to the ambiance, along with your open time, staff change times and, of course, closing time. The duo will share the differences between mixology and cocktail menus, and how to ensure that everything is timed appropriately.

This session will touch on employee treatment, fairness, keeping your regulars happy, and much more invaluable information. There can be no question that by the end you will feel like you own your night, and that you set the example without having to make an example out of someone who may not deserve it. Join Jenna and Kyle as they discuss how to manage yourself, your staff and most importantly, your night.

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