Is Your Website Dragging You Down?

I assume you have a website up and running.  Try this experiment… access your website by your smartphone and find out just how long it takes to download (10 seconds is too long) and if all the links and pictures show up?  If the experience is less than desirable, you need to read the rest of this blog.

Studies have shown Internet users prefer mobile browsers for shopping, searching and entertainment. But they prefer mobile apps for managing data, navigation and connecting with others. When choosing what to develop first, the mobile app or mobile site is embedded in what type of service you're looking to provide. Should companies produce a mobile optimized website or build a standalone mobile application first?

A mobile app is faster, accessed immediately and can be used offline. But the app must be installed to be of any use at all, while a good mobile site can simply be navigated to whenever the user would like. It's also typically cheaper to build a mobile site, and you don't have to deal with the frustrations of approval hassles. To delegate which would be the better choice for your company, we have come up with comparisons and steps to follow.

Mobile Website:   

1. Access through browsing
2. Requires internet connection
3. Few limited features 
4. Fast speed, reasonable development cost
5. Not in app store
6. Create on your own

Mobile App:

1. Access immediately after installation
2. Available offline
3. Can make use of phone features
4. Very fast, expensive development cost
5. Available in app store
6. Third party tools used to create app

So, which is the better option? It’s up to you and your resources. If you have the funds and time, consider creating both and linking the app to your mobile website. If you place yourself on a multitude of social media platforms, you create more of an opportunity for customer engagement and response! The key to success is to create apps that will get your fans engaged and move them to take action.

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