Your Website Still Matters

Internet Marketing

Within the last few years social media has taken not only the Internet, but the world by storm, and while tweeting and posting statuses is essential to the success of bars and nightclubs, one must not forget about their business’ website.

Customers seek bars out on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram because they know of the business and they like the business; to expand your client base, you must pay attention to your website.   Therefore, optimizing your website to adhere to search engines is vital if you want to develop a prominent online presence to cultivate a wider customer base.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long, complicated-sounding term that simply means strategically organizing your website so that you show up on search engine results page. Steven Hammer, president and co-founder of a full service search marketing agency, goes further into depth on this subject, “Every day, hundreds of people search for things to do without knowing exactly where they plan to go. Good search presence can put your business in front of these people, many of which aren’t aware of your business just yet. It’s not always possible to reach these people with social media.”

In order to properly practice SEO, you simply need to pay attention to the content on your website because remember, content is king. Three beginner steps you can take to effectively optimize your website include:

  1. Get creative. You have to have different titles for each page within your website and avoiding bland headings is a must. Search engines prowl the web, and if they find multiple pages with the same title, only one will show up on the results page, so get creative!
  2. Pay attention to keywords. Google does not pick up on everything your website has to offer, it picks up on keywords and links. Think of keywords as the phrases consumers type into a search engine. Think of search engines as people who briefly scan through your website; you want them to know exactly what your content is about just by briefly scanning though the page.
  3. Update frequently! “Google loves fresh content in the same way your customers do. Regularly updating your website can help show your relevance to the search engines,” Hammer explains.

 While your website is very important, it is pivotal that you let your website and social media outlets work together in order to get the results you want.  Hammer says, “I like to think of social, search, and site as working together. Social serves engaged customers well and brings them back, search can help acquire new customers, and your site can offer depth of information. Missing any one of these is missing an opportunity to talk to a customer in the way they expect.”

If you optimize your website properly and update your social media pages regularly, the objective to get new and old customers into your bar or nightclub will be reached.



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