Owney's Rum

Owney’s is inspired by a rum-soaked time in America’s history—Prohibition! At the time, “rum runners” were known to smuggle in aged Caribbean rums and blend them with locally distilled spirits to extend precious reserves. This is Owney's modern (and legal!) interpretation of that practice, New York style.

Owney’s Rum is made by blending still-proof Distiller’s Reserve with filtered cask-strength Dominican rum. In addition to removing color, filtering helps temper some of the barrel notes from the aged rum, letting the Brooklyn distillate shine through. This proprietary rum blend is then brought to bottle proof with filtered NYC tap water.

Quick Notes

Nose: Banana, vanilla, caramel

Palate: Sugar cane, baking spices, nuttiness, minerality

Finish: Dry, clean finish

40% ABV