Partida Blanco

Partida Tequila is only made from blue agave grown in the Tequila Valley, near a dormant volcano. The rich, red volcanic soil is perfect for the plant. After 7 to 10 years in the fields, it reaches close to 100 pounds and is hand-harvested by the jimadors. Underneath the spiky tips of the agave lies the piña. If fine tequila has a soul, this is where it lives. Its growth can never be rushed. The larger the piña, the more mature the sugars: fuller, riper, more flavorful. Partida Tequila only uses fully mature blue agave.

Within 24 hrs of harvest, the agave is cooked fresh, slowly, in a stainless steel autoclave, to retain its crisp, rich, natural flavors. After a slow fermentation of the agave juice during 36-40 hours, comes the distillation, performed twice in small traditional pot stills, producing a clear tequila retaining the fresh, natural characters of the agave.

Partida Tequila’s Maestro Tequilero Jose Valdez (center) oversees every step of the production process, from agave harvesting in the field till the final blending prior to bottling. We invite you to discover our tequilas, and celebrate the vibrant colors and flavors of Mexico!

Partida Blanco is a real and fresh expression of blue agave.

Quick Notes

Look: Crystal-clear appearance.

Aroma: Perfect harmony and balance between aromas and flavors.

Palate: Wide and complex variety of herbal, earthy and citrus notes dominate. Hints of tropical fruits and vanilla but overall cooked agave, sweet potatoes, black pepper, volcanic minerals and grapefruit.

40% ABV