Privateer Navy Yard Rum

American Privateers played a pivotal role in defeating what seemed an insurmountable foe. Their courage and ingenuity helped change the outcome of the Revolution. Privateer Rum is following suit, disregarding commonly accepted practices of larger rum producers including sweetening, flavoring, filtering and spicing their industrial distillate, to establish a new standard in rum—one of honesty and purity. Best ingredients. Best practices. Never sweetened. Never filtered.

Privateer Navy Yard Rum is a nod to Massachusetts’ storied history of rum distilling and imbibing.

Made in the New England tradition from 100 percent molasses, Navy Yard is double distilled and aged in 53-gallon new American oak barrels. This style of rum was drunk on the ships, farms, and in the pubs of early America. Privateer Rum crafts this rum in honor of New England’s rich history to enjoy in front of the fire, on the rocks, or to add depth and power to your Rum Old Fashioned or Daiquiri.

55% ABV