A. Smith Bowman Distillery Releases Limited Edition Port-Finished Bourbon

A. Smith Bowman Distillery, a micro-distillery located just outside of Washington, DC,  is releasing a limited edition, port-finished bourbon called Abraham Bowman Limited Edition Whiskey Port-Finished Bourbon.  The barrel this bourbon was aged in has some unusual history to it – it aged bourbon for four years at A. Smith Bowman, then was emptied, shipped to a winery in Potomac Point, Virginia, filled with port, aged for two years, emptied again, then sent back to Bowman where it was filled in January this year with a seven-year-old bourbon before being dumped again and bottled in September.

“This barrel for this bourbon has some miles on it,” said Truman Cox, master distiller, A. Smith Bowman Distillery. “But it’s yielded some amazing results. The taste of candied apples, dark fruits and figs all come together to produce an easy drinking, all around enjoyable bourbon.” 

Official tasting notes for the new Port-Finished Bourbon state the first pour gives the nose a treat with overlapping bright aromas. The flavors are initially plums and figs with the whiskey grains coming through on the mid palate. The finish is an amalgam of sweet dark grapes and dry spicy whiskey that leaves an enigma on the tongue.

  The Port-Finished Bourbon is part of a collection of limited-edition whiskies released periodically by A. Smith Bowman. There are plans to release more limited-edition whiskies in the future, according to Cox, who took over as Master Distiller last year, and is eager to start crafting his own experiments, “The Port-Finished Bourbon is our fourth release in our limited edition series, and we have plans to ramp that up a little bit each year as we move along.”  Cox aspires for each release to be a distinct expression, and with their limited availability, to be valued as a unique collector’s item.

The Abraham Bowman Limited Edition Whisky Port-Finished Bourbon will be available in very limited quantities starting at the end of October.  It is 100 proof, seven years old, and suggested retail pricing is $69.99.


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