A Splash of Pure Pleasure

“Zacchera” means splash in Italian, and the 2011 Kenwood Moscato Zacchera is a splash of pure pleasure, showcasing sumptuous fruit, natural sweetness and lively balance.  Kenwood Vineyards introduces an exciting new wine with release of the 2011 Kenwood California Moscato Zacchera.

Kenwood Moscato Zacchera features a colorful new package designed to stand out and capture the attention of sweet wine lovers.  The label portrays a warm, sunny vineyard scene in an impressionistic style.  Moscato Zacchera is designed to introduce Kenwood’s quality winemaking to an entirely new consumer.

The Muscat Canelli grapes for this wine were harvested at peak maturity with excellent natural acidity in late September, quickly delivered to the winery and gently whole cluster pressed. After settling, the juice was racked into stainless steel tanks and fermented at cool temperatures to preserve the grape’s distinctive fresh fruit character. Fermentation was stopped just before completion, resulting in a wine with a touch of sweetness.  Uncommonly appealing, the 2011 Kenwood Moscato Zacchera is a wonderful aperitif and an excellent accompaniment to fruit-centric desserts such as raspberry sorbet, lemon cake, apricot cobbler or peach tartlet.

The 2011 Kenwood Moscato Zacchera bursts with aromas of fresh passion fruit, apricot, jasmine and melon. The flavors are likewise fresh and opulent – apricot, passion fruit, lemon and a hint of kiwi. The delicious fruit is complemented by modest residual sweetness and balanced by generous acidity, leading to a long, nimble finish.


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