AnestasiA Vodka: The Newest aUltra-Premiuma & Gluten-Free American Made Spirit

Vodka enthusiasts and mixologists will rejoice with the introduction of AnestasiA Vodka, a new handcrafted, American-made, ultra-premium spirit launching August 1st. Created by Ukrainian-born, American Yuliya Mamontova, AnestasiA, appropriately named after her vodka-producing grandmother, is positioned to become “the purest, smoothest and most refreshing spirit in the world.”

Although AnestasiA is entering a crowded marketplace rife with options and flavors, a variety of superior characteristics will enable the newbie to immediately stand out and quickly rise to the top. AnestasiA Vodka is made in America at a Bend, OR facility that utilizes locally grown sweet corn and the extraordinarily pure water that makes the small city home to 19 microbreweries, three distilleries and four wineries.  The sweet corn is blended with yeast, then distilled five times and filtered five times through natural volcanic rock and quartz crystal until a 190 proof distillate is reached, at which point it is blended down with the pure Bend water to the desired 80 proof resulting in a uniquely sweet, pure and gluten-free vodka.

Although a passion project for Mamontova, vodka (making) is in her blood as she hails from a long line of Ukrainian vodka distillers.  As early as four years old, Mamontova recalls watching her grandparents produce vodka in buckets from potatoes to trade with neighbors for chickens and other supplies.  Theirs was a rustic vodka that did not have the advantages AnestasiA has including being made with some of the world’s purest, sweetest water that flows down to Bend from the Cascade Mountains through lava lined riverbeds that naturally purifies it, leaving the water, and in turn the resulting vodka, virtually void of calcium carbonate and other impurities.

As an American citizen, it was important for her to produce locally instead of importing a product to “inspire American manufacturers to produce and consume luxury” here in the U.S.  That said, the first priority was always to create a superior product, both inside and out, from the ingredients and process to the actual bottle.

To create a bottle as powerful and special as its contents, Mamontova called upon her love of art and design.  On one of her many visits to the store at New York City’s famed Modern Museum of Art, she fell in love with a watch designed by Karim Rashid, a prolific award-winning, designer who has created items across many categories for the likes of Christophle, Veuve Cliquot, Alessi and Prada. When it came time to design AnestasiA’s “face,” she knew Karim Rashid was just the person to do it.  Unlike any other bottle on the market, the AnestasiA Vodka bottle is a multi-faceted crystal decanter-like sculpture made with recycled glass resulting in a stylish, sleek and functional design. The bottle is representative of the process required to make a truly elegant product. “Although it’s a consumable product, I wanted to create something somebody would want to keep instead of throwing out,” commented Rashid. He concluded, “A bottle is a precious object and this one truly reflects the quality of the vodka.”  The industry is already taking notice as AnestasiA has received packaging and design awards at various spirit competitions, including the 2013 San Francisco World Spirit Competition.

Upon launch, AnestasiA Vodka will be available in key markets nationwide including hot spots like New York and Las Vegas, at select liquor stores retailing for $39 per 750ml bottle and leading nightlife venues such as Tao and Lavo. 


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