Angry Orchard Hard Cider Now Available Across United States

Angry Orchard Hard Cider is now available throughout the United States. The cider makers at Angry Orchard experimented for years, exploring apple varieties that would create the highest quality hard ciders. Their search led to Europe’s orchards,Angry Orchard where apples ideal for cider have been cultivated for centuries, giving Angry Orchard ciders their distinctly crisp and refreshing taste.
Three gluten-free Angry Orchard varietals offer remarkably crisp, refreshing and distinct flavors for any palate:
· Crisp Apple (5.0% ABV), balances natural apple sweetness with a subtle dryness for a hard to resist crisp and refreshing, fruit-forward taste.
· Apple Ginger (5.0% ABV), combines a blend of fresh Nigerian ginger and apples for a sweet, yet slightly tart taste, distinct ginger aroma and warm finish. For those looking for a traditional European cider.
· Traditional Dry (5.5% ABV), made in the style of English draft ciders, imparts bittersweet and slightly spicy flavors with a bright apple aroma.
Blending Italian culinary apples from the Alpine foothills with French bittersweet apples from Normandy, Angry Orchard cider makers have crafted flavor profiles through a lengthy fermentation process, including wood-aging for optimal complexity and balance. Unlike ordinary apples, bittersweet apples are described as “angry” because of the tart and tannic characteristics they impart. Culinary apples produce a fruit with a juicy, ripe apple character that, when combined with the bittersweet apples, results in an exceptional blend that contributes to the complex flavor profile of each Angry Orchard cider style.
The apple crop is harvested at the peak of flavor and ripeness. Because every crop has its own personality, Angry Orchard cider makers taste every batch of juice, blending varieties to achieve the signature Angry Orchard flavor.
According to research from SymphonyIRI, hard cider sales grew 27% in 2011, making cider one of the fastest-growing alcohol beverage categories in the United States. Angry Orchard was released earlier this year in New England, Colorado, Maryland and New York.
Angry Orchard Hard Cider is available on draft in restaurants and in pubs throughout the United States. To find where Angry Orchard is served near you, visit the “cider finder” at


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