Award-Winning Angelas Envy Bourbon Launches in Ohio

Angel's EnvyLouisville Distilling Company is proud to announce the Ohio launch of Angel's Envy, a super-premium bourbon of uncompromising character and quality.

The small batch artisan bourbon is the culmination of Master Distiller Lincoln Henderson's storied career.  One of the original pioneers of the premium bourbon and whiskey categories in the U.S., Lincoln came out of retirement to create the world's finest bourbon on his own terms - with a simple desire to enjoy the art of making whiskey.  The Master Distiller, who passed away in September 2013, brought with him more than 40 years of experience, having worked on world-class brands, such as Woodford Reserve and Jack Daniels.

The Louisville Distilling Company gave Lincoln complete creative freedom to create his bourbon, his own way.  He chose to return to the original way of producing whiskey - making decisions based on the specific taste profile he wanted to achieve.  He used locally sourced, grains, Kentucky limestone water and hand-chosen port barrels shipped directly from Portugal. 

Each batch or Expression, as Lincoln called it, was allowed to develop naturally, creating nuances in the bourbon from year to year.  This release is Expression 10/10, which possesses a warm spirit, lacking any hint of edginess with ephemeral hints of port wine and a rich amber hue.

The Expression is distilled for an unparalleled smoothness, aged for up to six years in American white oak barrels and finished in hand-selected port casks for an incremental 3-6 months.  The final result is exceptionally smooth, nuanced and refined bourbon.

The bottle is as iconic as the bourbon inside.  Made from perfume-grade glass in Italy and ceramic stamped with our iconic wings, the bottle is hand-filled, corked and crated in Bardstown, Kentucky.

As far as the name, it's well accepted in bourbon circles that each distillery owes a percentage of the bourbon in their barrels to the angels - known as the Angel's Share.  But, Lincoln sat the angels down and got them to agree that they could take a larger share if they agreed to leave behind something even better.  The result is Angel's Envy.

Wine Enthusiast Magazine awarded Angel’s Envy 98 points – the highest-ever rating for a bourbon.  The world’s best bourbon also received a 93 rating from Whisky Advocate and was named the 2013 Editor's Top Pick Award Of Excellence by Beverage Industry News.

Angel's Envy is currently available in: Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Washington, DC and Wisconsin.


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