Bag End Loudspeaker Systems Introduces "Green" Power Speakers

Bag End Loudspeaker Systems new IPD12E (available in version "I" installation enclosure and version "R" portable enclosure) is a self-processed and self-powered double 12" extended low frequency bass system, featuring two 12" drivers closely coupled to the internal 1000 watt Minima-One amplifier including on board Infra processing.

Bag End Loudspeaker Systems

The internal Minima-One amplifier incorporates a high efficiency low power consumption "GREEN" design with advanced digital switching to automatically accept any line voltage from 88 to 270 volts. Beyond simply auto sensing, the Minima One fully operates on any voltage and any wave form allowing full power to be maintained during brown outs or voltage swings. Sensing contacts are provided for installations to remotely turn the amplifier on and off.

The audio input incorporates an InGenius balanced line receiver. This provides very high common mode rejection to eliminate noise often present in systems with less optimized grounding and wiring schemes.

The IPD12E's internal Infra integrator, amplifier and loudspeaker process the full range signal into a flat response low frequency acoustic output. The dynamic filter protection threshold is internally preset and eliminates distortion and accidental overload. This insures the maximum output with robust system protection and virtually no audible effect.

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