Bag End Updates Its TA Series Time-Aligned Loudspeakers

Barrington, IL - Bag End Loudspeakers has updated the core models of its popular TA Series of Time-Aligned full-range loudspeakers with a new high-performance, high-frequency driver. The result is an improved high-frequency response with lower distortion at extreme levels. The new systems are completely compatible with previous models and are available at the same prices.

Bag End Loudspeakers

The new TA models that have been updated with the new E-700 driver (replacing the earlier E-600) are the TA1202, TA2002 and the TA6002. These loudspeakers replace the earlier models TA1200, TA2000, and TA6000, respectively. The new E-700 driver incorporates newer materials and is designed to offer improved high-frequency response with lower distortion at extreme levels.

The TA Series Time-Aligned loudspeakers includes compact portable, installed and floor monitor full range loudspeaker systems offering both high fidelity and high efficiency. The Time-Aligned studio quality sound provides detail and clarity not found in other designs. TA Series loudspeakers are the ideal choice for almost all sound reinforcement and musical instrument applications.

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