Bar and Club Stats Launches Mobile Security Solution

Bar and Club Stats, Inc. (BCS) has introduced its iPod-based drivers license scanner, providing bars and clubs with a simple and affordable Bar Statssecurity solution.

The new scanner gives bars and clubs instant protection against fake IDs, provides real-time demographic data about patrons and enables targeted marketing for bars, clubs and their partners.

“Bars and clubs are extremely exposed to lawsuits due to unwittingly admitting underage patrons,” explains attorney and founder Ben Silbert. “Additionally, understanding customer demographics in a bar or club is often based on guesswork. Our scanner solves both issues with an extremely affordable solution.”

The BCS ID scanner is connected to an iPod touch, which is leased or sold to bars and clubs. The scanner reads the barcode or magnetic strip on a driver’s license, eliminating the possibility for fake IDs. Anonymous data then is transmitted to a database that can be shared with the bar. The data does not contain names or addresses, but includes time of entry, age, gender and zip code tracking.


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