The Beertail, a Unique and Creative Way to Serve Beer Cocktails

BeertailRP & Associates announced The Beertail, a new way to create and serve beer cocktails using any standard beer bottle. The Beertail is a beer bottle yard extension that works with any beer bottle and allows you to make a beer cocktail by adding your favorite margarita mix, slushie, spirit, or mixer.

“Beer cocktails are huge right now and The Beertail is a way for beer brands, restaurant chains, and resorts to be among the first to serve it in truly new and unique way,” said Richard Pola, RP & Associates’ Chief Executive Officer. “Not only does it work with any bottle, but you don’t need a huge glass so patrons are not anchored to their table.”

The Beertail attaches to any bottle creating a leak proof seal that allows you to add an additional 12 ounces of any beverage to make a custom beer cocktail. The drink is served using only the original bottle and The Beertail; the streamlined and easy to carry design allows patrons to enjoy the unique beverage and carry it with them. The Beertail is available now and can be branded with your name or logo to promote your brand. You can visit RP & Associates to learn more.

RP & Associates designs and manufactures custom products for restaurant chains, beverage brands, hotels, resorts, and corporate America. RP & Associates leads the industry with its creative beverage products and custom packaging, in addition to offering a wide selection of customized apparel, racks, drinkware, barware, and other promotional items.


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