Breaking Out of the Internet: Hangover Preventing Supplement Builds Up Store Sales

Image: Prime Hangover Prevention

LONG BEACH, CA — The Prime Company will be showcasing their hangover preventing drink mix called Prime Hangover Preventer at this year's Nightclub and Bar Show happening March 8 and 9th at the Las Vegas Convention Center. This will be the first time the company is making its product available for large wholesale orders, having sold almost exclusively online in the past.

Prime Hangover Preventer was introduced to the market a little over a year ago via the company's ecommerce store and event sales. The product originally started as the idea of two college students while they were on vacation in Spain. After about 2 years of research, testing and raising funds, the pair was able to launch their drink mix to the market.

"We used this first year as a kind of trial run to see if people would respond well to our product before investing in wholesale relationships," said the creator and co-founder of Prime Hangover Preventer Walter Thornburgh. "It was a great learning curve for us and gave us the opportunity to take the feedback customers gave us to create a better brand and product," Thornburgh added.

The majority of hangover preventing products on the market only address the dehydration and vitamin depletion and not the acetaldehyde poisoning, but Prime Hangover Preventer tackles all three primary hangover causes. Its formula provides your body with the extra B vitamins and electrolytes it needs while also protecting from acetaldehyde poisoning. The amino acids and biochemicals in Prime provide your liver with what it needs to naturally break down acetaldehyde and create glutathione, in order to prevent it from harming your body further.

"Everyone from your mother to random people on the Internet seems to have a solution for preventing hangovers, from taking multivitamins to eating that new brand of hangover-preventing beef jerky," said LA Weekly's Food and Drink Editor Sarah Bennett, "[after using] Prime I wasn't experiencing that 'a train just ran over my body' feeling. I was running on only a few hours of sleep following some heavy drinking, but there was no headache, no nausea and no aching bones."

The Prime Company is currently working with mixologists to create signature cocktails featuring the drink mix. Prime Hangover Preventer's light lemonade flavor allows it to be mixed in either water or any cocktail that is complimented by a citrusy profile.

Prime Hangover Preventer will be exhibiting at booth 339, located directly across from The Chive Brewing Company. Wholesale inquiries should be sent to email [email protected].

About The Prime Company

The Prime Company was founded in 2013 by then college students, Marlo Miller and Walter Thornburg after they set out on a European adventure full of unforgettable moments…and unbearable hangovers. This is when Walter used his background as a biochemistry student to develop the perfect hangover preventer. The Prime Company strongly believes that everyone should have the opportunity to live vivaciously; and they aim to create products that allow you do so with as much vigor and frequency as you would want, not to what you are limited to.

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