Cattlemen's Master's Reserve Barbecue Sauce Focuses on Regional and Ethnic Fare

CHESTER, NJ — For 50 years, Cattlemen's Master's Reserve Barbecue Sauce has been specializing in regional flavors. The demand for regionality is only growing, as restaurant operators expand their menus to include ethnic and local dishes. Straight out of the bottle or blended to create a signature sauce recipe, Cattlemen's helps operators profit from today’s biggest trends in barbecue.

Cattlemen's Master's Reserve Barbecue Sauce

As the No. 1 barbecue sauce brand in foodservice, with a full range of eight authentic regional sauces, Cattlemen's is as an expert in regional fare. The legendary taste has captured the essence of America’s most celebrated barbecue meccas. From the tangy, vinegar flavor of the Carolinas to the thick, tomato-based sauces of Kansas City and Memphis, operators using Cattlemen's can take their patrons on a culinary barbecue tour of the United States.

By adding a few simple ingredients, the sauces can be extended to create a variety of sauces and applications. Sweet profiles or pepper-infused sauces are great for smoky plates, where fruit-infused sauces are great for salads and other lighter dishes. Sauces flavored with spirits from bourbon to beer are gaining popularity as well. This wide variety is showing up on menus across the country, but unique flavors don’t stop at the border. Every corner of the world has its own approach to spices and techniques. Global flavors include Asian, Caribbean and chile-infused, just to name a few. This is showcased by the growing Korean barbecue trend featuring recipes such as Cattlemen's Korean Style BBQ Beef Tacos.

Operators understand that using quality ingredients means better taste and ultimately customer satisfaction. Cattlemen's starts with tomato paste, not puree, and no starches and fillers, unlike other barbeque sauces. This allows for extendibility of the sauce, letting operators add up to 20 percent more ingredients to create signature sauces. By not adding artificial colors or flavors, Cattlemen's Barbecue Sauces offer rich flavors and outstanding plate presentation.

The eight regional barbecue sauces from the Cattlemen's Master's Reserve line include:
• Carolina Tangy Gold – Sweet and tangy mustard with the smoky boldness of barbecue
• Memphis Sweet – Rich, tangy sweetness finished with a bold blend of spices
• Kansas City Classic – The ideal balance of rich, zesty tomato, sweetness and spice, creating perfection for the palate
• Mississippi Honey BBQ – Sweet and tangy honey-based sauce finished with a touch of smoke
• Louisiana Hot and Spicy – Full-bodied blend of heat, sweetness and tangy tomato
• Kentucky Sweet and Bold – Bold blend of rich sweet molasses, tangy tomato, smoke and spice
• St. Louis Original – Rich, tangy tomato-based sauce with an even balance of spices and a smooth finish
• Texas Smoky – Zesty tomato and hickory smoke, finished with bold, balanced spices

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