Charonge - White Wine with a Twist of Orange - Brings a Brand New Taste to Wine

Hot and thirsty wine lovers across America this summer are discovering a brilliantly innovative and refreshing new treat: Charonge – a California White Wine blended with natural orange flavor. Created by Coastal Wine Brands, a division of Delicato Family Vineyards, Charonge is pioneering a brand new category of super-premium, fruit-flavored wines, following the well-established market for fruit-infused spirits and craft beers. Released in July, Charonge already is making its mark with brisk sales at major wine retailers across the U.S.

This bright, beautifully made wine was conceived by Jim Ferguson, vice-president and general manager of Coastal Wine Brands, during a trip to New York last summer. While sharing a bottle of California Chardonnay with a friend in his backyard, Ferguson noticed that his friend's wife was drinking fruit-infused vodka while his adult daughter was enjoying a beer with an orange slice.  Feeling a little left out, Ferguson grabbed a citrus slice and tossed it into the Chardonnay. His friend was momentarily nonplussed, but after a few sips, both agreed the wine was better with the infusion of the orange. Sensing an opportunity to create a vibrant new niche in the wine market, Ferguson took his idea back to Coastal Wine Brands and Charonge was born.

Carrying a suggested retail price of $12, Charonge is zestily fruity with fresh orange blossom, peach/apricot and yellow plum aromas. On the palate, it delivers crisp, wonderfully refreshing orange, papaya and yellow apple flavors that are enlivened in the wine's long, snappy finish by a slight spritz. Charonge stands out not only for its unusual composition and sterling quality, but also for its chic and radiant frosted bottle. Light, thirst-quenching and fun, Charonge is the perfect beverage for a warm summer evening or a night on the town dancing. It's also a fine accompaniment to spicy foods like Mango Pico de Gallo, Blackened Chicken with Avocado Salsa,and Grilled Mahi Mahi with Couscous.

The two most common comments Charonge elicits from consumers at live tastings are: "I have never seen anything like this before," and after their first taste of the wine, "Wow that is really refreshing!"

Befitting its trend-setting status, Charonge is being promoted via a social media campaign focused on parties, tastings and promotions in bars and restaurants. For more information about Charonge, visit


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