CHAUVET Professionalas Amhaze Studio Haze Machine Is Quiet, Compact And Built To Travel

Amhaze Studio from CHAUVET ProfessionalThe new Amhaze Studio from CHAUVET Professional is the perfect solution for generating haze effects in TV studios, theaters and other environments that are sensitive to sound. This extremely quiet-running machine proves that you don’t have to turn up the sound volume to crank out a large haze volume; despite its extremely quiet operation, it produces an impressive 1700-cubic-feet-per-second output-- enough to fill the atmosphere at virtually any size production.

In addition to being quiet, the Amhaze Studio is quick. It features a rapid 4-minute initial heat-to-ready time, so there are no long waits for haze effects to get started. There’s no need for frequent re-fills either, because the machine’s large 3.2-liter tank holds enough haze fluid to keep the atmospheric effects flowing throughout your entire production or event.

Everything about the Amhaze Studio was designed to run “smoothly” -- including the haze itself.  Because the machine features a variable output, it maintains an extremely smooth and even layer of haze, with no thick bursts of smoke or patchy clear spots. This more consistent atmospheric maintenance not only results in better-looking effects, it’s also critical to video applications.

“We call it the Amhaze Studio, because it offers features like ultra-quiet operation and extremely uniform haze production that are essential to the broadcast studio environment,” said Michael Graham, Product Manager for CHAUVET Professional.  “But the truth is, this is a very versatile haze machine that’s ideal for any application – from theater productions to concerts to special events.  It’s more compact and lightweight than some of the full-size hazers out there, yet it’s ruggedly built, so it’s great for touring and travel.  It also has a tremendous feature set/performance-to-value ratio, which is something that all users today will appreciate.”

To accommodate varying user needs, the Amhaze Studio can be run as a stand-alone unit or via DMX (2-channel operation).  A convenient digital display provides easy access to both DMX addressing and stand-alone functions.  The Amhaze Studio is equipped with industry standard Neutrik powerCON power connections and 3- and 5-pin XLR data connections, allowing it to be easily integrated into any production rig.

Built into its own rugged flight case, the Amhaze Studio has been designed for convenient travel, too.  Its integrated case design protects against damage during transit, while requiring minimal pack-up time.  Another handy feature is that a clamp can be attached directly to the housing, allowing the unit to be hung from a truss or batten quickly and easily. The Amhaze Studio measures a trim 17.16 x 14.27 x 10.19 inches (436 x 363 x 259 mm) and weighs just 34.4 pounds (15.7 kg), for easy transport and set up anywhere.

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