Customer/Waiter Technology - Proven To Increase Sales By 32%

It’s estimated that Nightclubs ONLY generate 40% of possible sales.  To capture the other 60% you need a communication technology that’s designed to overcome the 5 key roadblocks that are unique to Nightclub environments.


These 5 include:

1. Ultra-simple to use

2. Highly secure

3. Easy to integrate

4. Require no infrastructure

5. Can’t be abused or manipulated by customers or staff


The solution is Touch & Discover™, made up of two core elements: the TND discs & Employee Mobile Unit (EMU).
Customers tap their phone to the Touch & Discover™ discs that are placed throughout your establishment and type request in their own language.
The appropriate employee(s) receive the request, translated from 90 possible languages, in both text and audio, on the EMU.
To truly manage and motivate employees, in the chaos of a Nightclub environment, the employee taps their EMU to the customer’s phone to close out a request. This patented capability lets managers seamlessly monitor employees, with no effort.
All for less than $1 per day.


The discs are based on 11 patented technologies that offer bleeding-edge “firsts”, which radically increase orders and revenue.

Some firsts include:

o Up to 10 year operation, without needing to recharge or plug in

o Instant communication, without needing WiFi or Internet

o Quantum Security, the Ultimate in Privacy Protection


The EMU is the ONLY technology on the planet that offers real-time, intelligent management and control of employees, demonstrating an increased Employee Efficiency of over 50%.

When fully implemented the system has proven increased sales of 32%.

Both hardware & software offer full Look & Feel customization, giving a seamless blending with your ambiance.

Ultra-simple to use.

NO long term contracts.

Contact us to learn more: [email protected]

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