The DataKey By 2Touch POS

For industry professionals who care about automation, 2TouchPOS has developed the DataKey:

The value of the DataKey is the synergy of operational data with best of breed applications. It meets the need to integrate with multiple systems in order to effectively operate your business end-to-end. 

What it Does

2TouchPOS publishes ticket details and time clock data to the cloud after the business day is closed. You can access your data via industry standard web services. The primary gain of the DataKey is the availability of transaction and payroll details for use in other software applications programmatically. It eliminates the burden on your staff of manually keying the data into other applications. Additionally summary data as sent to the cloud in near real time for you to monitor the ongoing status of your Bar. CHECK THIS OUT

  • Eliminates the need for physical access to get the data
  • Eliminates the need for remote access to get the data
  • The data is in an application neutral structure. Your data could be used in a wide variety of applications.
  • Our hosted web services eliminate the need for you to distribute the data. Each of your applications calls the web services directly.
  • Our hosted repository stores historical data for you. The data is always available for processing or reprocessing.

The Solution

Whether you have one venue or twenty, 2TouchPOS is an easy-to-use, powerful way to automate your enterprise. Software that controls your operations more efficiently and effectively saving you time and making you money. 2TouchPOS software and Posiflex hardware together provide a trustworthy means of:

  • Improving communication and morale between the kitchen and your wait staff
  • Preparing fast accurate customer bills
  • Managing multiple credit card tabs effortlessly
  • Recording accurate sales transactions
  • Capturing data about your performance
  • Analyzing your business results
  • Making adjustments to your product mix almost instantly
  • Gaining greater control over your employees jobs

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