Early TimesA(R) Releases Its First Flavored Spirit: Early Times Fire Eater

Early Times® announces the launch of Early Times Fire Eater - a hot cinnamon flavored spirit. A brand with a history dating back to 1860 and known for its rich heritage, Early Times Kentucky Whisky has released its first ever flavored spirit that is reminiscent of the turn of the century carnival era.

Early Times Fire Eater combines the heat and spice of cinnamon liqueur with aged Early Times whisky to craft a warm, inviting and smooth whisky character. For enjoying as a shot, on the rocks or in a variety of cocktails, Early Times Fire Eater offers cocktails like the 'Elephant Man' and the 'Stilt Walker' to reflect various carnival acts.

"With Early Times Fire Eater we wanted to deliver a level of curiosity and fun while ensuring the taste consumers have come to expect from Early Times," said Therese McGuire, brand manager for Early Times. "One look at a bottle of Early Times Fire Eater and you're taken back to a time when carnivals would travel the country bringing astonishing acts of amazement to the community."

As the bottle suggests, Early Times Fire Eater evokes an old world carnival feel and an exciting flavor experience. Additionally, the illustration of a big top carnival tent encompasses the bottle with bold red and white stripes. 

"Building on the theme of curiosity, vivid carnival imagery and language are used on the packaging for Early Times Fire Eater," said McGuire. "A silhouette of a carnival barker with an uplifted cane invites one to 'step right up' while the side panel warns 'it is not for the timid' for a lighthearted approach to this exciting product."

Early Times Fire Eater will initially be sold in select cities of Kentucky, Indiana, Washington, Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, Wisconsin and California with more to follow in 2012. Each bottle is presented at 66 proof with a suggested retail price of $14.99-$15.99 for a 750ml bottle.

Early Times Fire Eater Tasting Notes
Aroma: An aromatic blend of warm bakery cinnamon and creamy brown sugar with a hint of cinnamon stick balanced with delicate whisky notes.

Taste: Starts with an inviting blend of bakery cinnamon and sweet brown notes that quickly escalates into a hot cinnamon sensation.

Finish: Finishes with a blend of rich spices and smooth whisky character.

Early Times Fire Eater Cocktails
Elephant Man
1 1/2 oz Early Times Fire Eater
1 oz orange juice
4 oz lemon lime soda
In a shaker filled with ice, add ingredients, roll to mix, and transfer to serving glass.

Stilt Walker
1 oz Early Times Fire Eater
1/2 oz amaretto
1 oz orange juice
4 oz Sprite
In a shaker filled with ice, add ingredients, roll to mix, and transfer to serving glass.


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