Entering the Craft Brewing Industry Just Got a Whole lot Easier!


The SmartBrew System, developed by Natural Brew Inc., was officially launched at the Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas in March 2014 to huge interest.

Capitalizing on the massive interest by small to medium sized Restaurants, Nightclub and Bar owners wishing to enter the craft beer game, the SmartBrew system has been designed to fit within the space of a small car, produces 20 kegs per week, is very affordable, and offers a solid support network to compliment the fact that the brewery can be run from your iPad or smartphone. How cool is that? Increase profits, drive beer consumption and gain a point of differentiation among your competitors.

Peter Toombs, President of DME Brewing Services, and one of the key investors in SmartBrew has overseen the manufacture and installation of over 600 microbreweries worldwide. “SmartBrew was designed to appeal to the countless number of craft beer enthusiasts who see the potential of offering a high quality, distinct product but who cannot enter the craft brewing scene due to site space limitations, and the high capital requirements larger brewery systems demand.” Mr. Toombs insists that while many operators see the distinct advantages serving craft beers can have on their business, they are often not in a position to move ahead with a full scale brewery project. “We see a fear factor from the operational management side of producing beer; finding a qualified brewer, ensuring product consistency, and the impact of infringing on revenue-generating retail space … these all require careful consideration for operators who know their clientele would welcome a hand crafted local product if it were available.”

The Natural Brew team is currently looking for market launch partners within the North American market. Operators with whom Natural Brew can work closely with to give huge exposure and who can act as reference locations to show other prospective customers how unique and easy the SmartBrew system is to operate.

After three years in development, there are currently two SmartBrew systems in operation in New Zealand, with the third opening as we speak. “Why New Zealand?” one might ask. Quite simply, it is the home of Brian Watson, SmartBrew’s inventor and patent holder. Brian is a well know, award winning brewer in the Australasia scene, and was extremely hands on during each stage of the systems development, in designing the system automation, overseeing the wort production, and in ensuring finished product quality standards. The results from the pilot systems were extremely successful, evoking rave reviews from the owners of Crafty Trout Brewing Company, Good George Brewing and King Country Brewing Company. “We love the SmartBrew system, the beer is awesome, it is the way of the future for those wishing to enter the industry in a smaller way starting off”, states, Anton Romirer, Owner of the Crafty Trout in Taupo New Zealand.

The Smart Brew takes up just 100 sq. ft. All steps in the simplified brewing process can be managed through touch screen commands that can then be monitored by an IPAD. Imagine the ease of operating a brewing system with automation that can confirm when the beer has completed fermentation, has removed the excess yeast from the tank, and is being chilled to serving temperature. All SmartBrew beers are unfiltered and beyond fresh. The additional benefit to Smart Brew operators is that the recipes are the culmination of Brian’s years of experience in the industry, and the wealth of knowledge he has accumulated in his role as an International beer judge and a passionate craft beer aficionado.

Smart Brew is synonymous with premium quality and offers a wide variety of beer styles including, a Pale Ale, Lager, IPA, Pilsner, Wheat Beer and Ciders.

For more information on SmartBrew, or if you wish to be a launch partner, please call Barry at 902.316.0229, or check us out at http://www.SmartBrew.co.nz or www.smartbrew.org.


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