Escobar Vodka Set To Be Sold In New York

Escobar VodkaColorado-based Escobar Vodka, LLC has recently been approved to sell their product, available in both Silver and Lead varieties, in the state of New York. The vodkas are produced by Woody Creek Distillers in Basalt, Colorado, and will be distributed by Blueprint Distributors in New York.

The names Silver and Lead stem from Pablo Escobar’s famous ultimatum “plata o plomo,” which meant give money or face bullets. Escobar Silver Vodka (80 proof) is made from renowned Lady Claire potato. Grown just outside of Aspen, this high-starch European varietal provides a rich yet smooth flavor in spirits. This vodka contains a touch of sweetness on the nose, leaves a silky mouth-feel throughout the palate, then finishes creamy and well-balanced.

Escobar Lead Vodka (80 proof), on the other hand, is made from Colorado rye. This vodka consists of subtle yeast and minerality on the nose, a clean mouth-feel with classic rye spiciness, and a continued minerality mid-palate. It finishes warmly with notes of white pepper.

Woody Creek Distillers, located in Basalt, Colorado, is the first US distillery to complete every stage of vodka production onsite. Even the potatoes used to make Escobar Silver come from the region. “Aspen Valley’s role in the American potato trade extends back to the early 20th century, at one point yielding more potatoes than the entire state of Idaho,” says Escobar Vodka, LLC Founder Ryan Chadwick. “The WCD team harvests, cleans, mashes, and mixes the local potatoes with yeast and mountain spring water for distillation - all over the course of a day,” Chadwick states. “For us, no other partner could provide such an extraordinary commitment to quality.”

Launch Party

Escobar Vodka, LLC will celebrate the launch of Escobar Vodka in New York next Saturday, June 7th at Norman’s Cay, located at 74 Orchard Street in the Lower East Side. The party will run from 9-11pm and will feature music by DJ Boogie Dash.


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