Excellent Emerging Brands & Boutique Spirits

Unique boutique and emerging brands—yet another growing area in the overall beverage segment—were well represented at the 2015 Nightclub & Bar Show. Attendees were able to source innovative brands and boutique spirits.

Here are some of the stand out products:

Time & Oak Whiskey Elements

If you’re wondering to yourself, “Just what is a whiskey element” you’re not alone. The product caused double takes, grabbed the attention of whiskey masters and brewmasters, distillers and iconic brands at the 30th anniversary Nightclub & Bar show. Time & Oak Whiskey elements are produced by applying a proprietary curing method and design to a proprietary source of oak. The elements are intended to be inserted into a bottle of whiskey and then left for 24 hours. There is a standard Time & Oak and then a wine-flavored and a smoke-flavored element. The results are outstanding and perfect for whiskey and craft bars and can be applied to other spirits such as rum. In 24 hours your whiskey is more complex, smoother and more flavorful. The possibilities for experimentation are truly compelling. Time & Oak is a truly unique, innovative product and an Emerging Brands Pavilion standout.

Global Vodka (40% ABV)

This ultra-premium Italian vodka is gluten free, all natural and organic. Global Vodka is produced using natural spring water from the high springs of Northern Italy’s Dolomites – which feature low levels of sodium and nitrates – and organic European wheat. This light, refreshing vodka has won several gold medals since 2013 and features a frosted bottle that looks attractive on any back bar.

Tequila Apocalypto

This ultra-premium tequila is made from 100% Blue Weber Agave plants that have aged for an average of 15 years. After the jimadores have harvested the agave, sugar content is checked. The industry standard for sugar content is 21%; Tequila Apocalypto demands their sugar content be 27 percent. Apocalypto is serious about creating artisanal tequila, as evidenced by their striking bottles. Not only are their striking bottles designed to look like a half-man, half-jaguar, they feature an overlay that makes them glow in the dark. Apocalypto Blanco, Reposado and Añejo will certainly grab the attention of your guests.

Dè La Ron Vodka (40% ABV)

Most vodka producers brag about the number of times their liquid is distilled. Dè La Ron would rather other details do the talking for them. Not only do they use pure spring water sourced from the Cascade Mountains, it’s purified with ultraviolet light. Each batch is distilled 5 times but it’s the filtration process that is noteworthy. Dè La Ron filters through their vodka through virgin coconut husk carbon. The result is a smooth, luxurious ultra-premium product.

Heineken BrewLock

Heineken is a global leader not only in terms of quality but also innovation. The iconic company has tackled the challenge of pouring a perfect pint so it should be no surprise that they’ve turned their attention to draught delivery. Quality and consistency have long been a problem and Heineken seems to have found the solution. Enter: BrewLock. The BrewLock system consists of a specially designed keg and air compressor. The keg itself is a 20-liter PET outer shell surrounding an inner bladder. It’s packaged in stackable cardboard boxes for easy storage and a smaller footprint. The compressor uses atmospheric air to pressurize the space between the shell and bladder, forcing the beer through the draught lines and delivering beer that is as close to brewery quality as possible. Not only that, those who upgrade to the BrewLock system can expect to get 99% or more beer out of the keg as opposed to the average 85 to 90 percent. Heineken expects operators who previously refused to carry beer because of the traditional bulky stainless steel kegs will be attracted to the more manageable BrewLock keg, which also weighs around 25% less than their now outdated counterparts. We can’t wait to see what Heineken focuses on next.


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