Expanding a Passion with a Successful Brand

Escobar Vodka

Escobar Nightclub in Colorado is Aspen’s diamond in the rough; being the leading venue for nightlife, Escobar certainly lives up to the hype. Stored beneath the streets of Aspen, this nightclub screams irony due to the plane shape; the venue evokes the illusion of flight which charges the atmosphere with adventure.

Named after the infamous criminal, Pablo Escobar, Escobar Nightclub has earned quite the reputation. While the nightclub is in no way condoning the actions of this famous criminal, the edgy image of his face has proven to be a catalyst in the success of Escobar. The nightclub has created a prosperous brand; the club sells merchandise to customers with the logo. The Columbian Ambassador even came in and bought products with the Escobar logo being that Pablo Escobar was a Columbian trafficker.    

Escobar is the innovation born from the brainpower of seven young entrepreneurs from Aspen and abroad, one being Ryan Chadwick. Chadwick decided the successful Escobar brand needed to be taken to the next level. What could be a perfect extension of a brand for a nightclub that could translate to all nightclubs? A spirit, of course! Chadwick and his partners took their bestselling spirit and chose to take his Escobar brand to that next level with vodka.

Escobar then linked up with Mark Kleckner of Woodycreek Distilleries to be sure to abide by the nightclub, distillery laws. Escobar Vodka now comes in a variety of two, Silver and Lead. Escobar Silver is a potato vodka that is made with locally grown potatoes. The vodka is only distilled once and has a sweeter taste to it. Escobar Lead is a rye vodka and it is a bit spicier than the Silver.

Escobar Vodka is sold in Colorado with two outlets in New York. Chadwick tells Nightclub & Bar that he hopes to expand to markets in Massachusetts and Florida. The future looks bright for Escobar Vodka as Chadwick plans to expand even further with flavors to go along with the premium vodka line.

In addition, development of a multi-spirits collection is a possibility as well. Chadwick explained that if he and his partners were to consider another type of spirit for their brand, it would be rum simply because it is their second best seller at the nightclub. While one can say many negative things about Pablo Escobar, no one can say he was not ambitious; Ryan Chadwick and the men behind Pablo’s patented face are a prime example of taking their passion for nightlife and creating a successful brand which will only continue to grow.

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