Finlandia Vodka Launches New Global Package

Louisville, KY – Finlandia Vodka, known for its pristine vodka and innovative package design, opens a new chapter today with the introduction of a new bottle, dubbed "melting ice."

Finlandia Vodka

Since Finlandia Vodka is made from among the purest water in the world - born from the glacial ice that covered Finland 10,000 years ago - the new bottle captures the gentle ripples at the precise moment before ice moves from solid to liquid, evoking the crystal clarity of the Finlandia it holds.

“Finlandia was the first global premium vodka on the market and is known for its award-winning, progressive design work,” said Neil Punwani, managing director for Finlandia Vodka. “This new bottle once again sets the bar for stunning, yet functional package design. The new design is a work of art, which we hope consumers will be as creative as possible when imagining sustainable ideas for reuse – from a flower vase to a water carafe. If not, our high-quality glass is completely recyclable, and we encourage our consumers to be kind to nature.”

The new package strived to maintain its strong connection to Finnish design. The bottle was developed through the collective effort of people close to the Finlandia brand including Finnish artists, brand architects, structural designers like Harri Koskinen, a world-renowned Finnish designer who was instrumental in the development of the prior Finlandia bottle, and Kenneth Hirst, an award-winning industrial designer based in New York, who sculpted the new iconic form.

Webb Blevins, global creative director for Brown-Forman, led the design vision for Finlandia with agency partners to bring the new package to life in a compelling way by celebrating the natural forms of ice as did the original Finlandia bottle in 1970.

“Ice has been the central design motif of the Finlandia brand from the beginning,” said Blevins. “We wanted to make it a stronger element that covered 360-degrees of the bottle’s surface. But, most importantly, we wanted to improve visibility on the shelf and maintain the premium perception of the package while being true to our origins.”

Along with the new look, the brand has revived an iconic piece of its history: the facing reindeer on the logo. The original Finlandia logo depicted Finland’s reindeer locked together while the Midnight Sun glows brightly above. Image

“The Poro is the majestic reindeer of the great Finnish wilderness,” said Alex Sneen, global marketing manager for Finlandia Vodka. “It holds a hallowed place in our native folklore – an ancient wisdom we return to and rejoice in over and over again. It has adorned every bottle since our founding.”

Next, the bottle features a redesigned label. The custom-made font on the label was created to bring the Finlandia brand name to the forefront, as well as ensure better visibility on shelves and behind the bar. For Finlandia’s flavors, the bold new label incorporates the color associated with the flavor into the font along with the real fruit image so consumers can easily identify their favorites.

“The new font, color usage, and real fruit images truly improve the visibility of the bottle and provides greater distinction across the Finlandia offerings,” said Jennie Meador, associate creative director for Finlandia Vodka.

Lastly, to tie all the new package elements together, the Finlandia design team created a new display shipper case for both its classic and flavors to be featured where Finlandia is sold. The shipper cases feature close-up images of the new package to emphasize the natural melting ice motif and incorporate the colors associated with the product it contains.

“Though the bottle has evolved, Finlandia Vodka remains true to its founding principle - offer the best of what Finland represents to as many people around world as possible,” said Punwani. “Our contemporary designs and great tasting vodka have helped us grow into the 2nd largest premium vodka brand in Europe and the 5th largest premium vodka brand globally, selling more than three million cases annually in more than 130 countries worldwide. We hope the new Finlandia package will create new friends or reacquaint old ones from around the globe with the world’s finest vodka.”

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