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Denver, CO — As every bartender in the U.S. knows, the Moscow Mule is hot! Now thanks to the artisans of Mile High Spirits, the premier small-batch distillery in Denver, Colorado, this craft cocktail is available in a convenient 12 oz can. PUNCHING MULE is a revolution in the Ready to Drink (RTD) category, redefining it by setting the highest standards of taste and quality, sourcing the best ingredients and taking great care in every phase of production. Unlike some imitators Punching Mule is NOT malt based. Using only the purest vodka, Elevate Vodka, with the finest waters from the Colorado Rockies, Punching Mule provides all the flavor and "pizzazz” of a freshly made Moscow Mule.

Experiencing Punching Mule tells the whole story: pop open a chilled can and smell the intensity of the fresh all-natural lime. Take a sip and enjoy the beautiful balance between the pure vodka, zesty natural ginger root flavor, lime, and real sugar. Crisp and refreshing with a touch of sweetness, Punching Mule is the perfect pour, every time, because it really does taste like a finely crafted Moscow Mule cocktail. Punching Mule fits all occasions and is just the right drink for today's active lifestyle.

Visually, the consumer will be struck by the colorful, creative and ingenious packaging. The copper colored can is a nod to the mug in which the Moscow Mule is traditionally served, and a humorous artistic depiction of a mule standing on human legs in the old-time "Fighting Irish" boxing stance, is sure to draw the a‎ttention of shoppers who spy it on store shelves and in refrigerators.

Available in a handy economical ready-to-travel four-pack, Punching Mule is gluten free and contains 7 percent alcohol by volume.‎ So get a kick out of Punching Mule, but don't be a jackass - drink responsibly!

Punching Mule is coming to a market near you and is currently available in Colorado, ‎Wisconsin, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

For additional information, please contact Wyn Ferrell: [email protected]


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