Get Your Bar Ready for Football Season with hearTV

With the football season around the corner, bars are getting their establishments ready for kick-off by adding hearTV, the affordable solution for streaming live audio to smartphones.

Locations simply connect transmitters to their TVs or receivers and guests can listen to their desired program using an iPhone or Android device. Get the hearTV Pro system in your location for as low as $299 with no subscriptions or other requirements.

“The days of bars featuring multiple TV monitors, but forcing customers to listen to the audio from one TV are over,” said George Dennis, CEO at hearTV. “This is a low-cost solution to ensure guests are pro-vided with an optimal viewing experience.”

The system provides numerous benefits, including keeping customers at locations longer, higher ticket prices and greater loyalty since guests frequent bars that cater to their needs.

Here’s what others are saying about hearTV:

“This is the biggest thing for someone who operates an establishment with multiple TVs. The single biggest benefit is being able to provide our guests an option to listen to a game that we can’t broadcast overhead because there are other games on. We have a group of Kansas City Chiefs fans who come in and know we won’t play the audio. They bring in an iPod docking sta-tion and they have six guys at a table who broadcast their game without any interruption. hearTV is a win-win for everyone!” - Tracy Frazier, director of operations for Cold Beers & Cheeseburgers

“Customers can come in and watch and listen to a game that they wouldn’t have had access to otherwise if we were playing background music or something else. We’ve also found that it helps us attract new customers and they stay longer.” - Sean Smith, owner of Baja Joe’s

“It’s in Barlines, our 290-seat entertainment and live music venue, and we have 60 seats on the outdoor patio on Sixth Ave. TVs and live music is played from 11 a.m. to 2 a.m. Locals take their sports seriously, and hearTV has been a wonderful addition. Guests want to see the game, but we don’t turn the volume up because of the music. With the app, we have a great option for guests to hear their favorite games. It’s affordable, there is low maintenance and low overhead.” - Tod Roadarmel, area director of sales and marketing, Omni Hotels & Resorts


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