Hand-Crafted Hiro Sake from Japan Announces New Distribution Arrangement

Hiro Sake, the recently launched, premium spirit from Japan, announces the appointment of Monsieur Touton Selection Ltd as the exclusive distributor for Hiro Junmai Sake and Hiro Junmai Ginjo Sake in the Metro New York area, effective August 1, 2012. The deal brings new opportunities for expansion into more than nine states it can already be found.

Monsieur Touton Selection Ltd, a well-respected wine distributor with more than 30 years of experience, will give the Hiro brand access to hotels, restaurants, bars and liquor stores in more than nine states throughout the East Coast.  Monsieur Touton Selection Ltd supplies a comprehensive range of more than 3,500 wines from around the world – from Bordeaux to New World wineries and now from the Hiro brewery in famed Niigata prefecture, the premiere sake-producing area of Japan. 

“In choosing Monsieur Touton Selection Ltd to distribute Hiro, we have chosen a company that understands taste, quality and authenticity in a product in addition to their exceptional distribution network,” says Carlos Arana, CEO/Co-Founder of Hiro Sake LLC. “Hiro is poised to educate consumers and trade about the beauty that is Japanese sake and it’s many drinking opportunities and with Monsieur Touton Selection Ltd, we have found a perfect partner to begin this awareness journey.”

Hiro’s Toji - or Sake Master - has created a brew that bridges the heritage of the past with today’s modern drinking patterns. Hiro Sake can be used in an infinite number of cocktails, usually standing in for vodka, rum or gin. Hiro offers both a Junmai (Hiro Red) sake which has been traditionally brewed to be served warm, and a Junmai Ginjo (Hiro Blue) sake which is produced with rice that is ‘polished’ or milled to remove at least 45% of its original weight and has the added character and body to be served chilled, on the rocks or in a cocktail.


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