Heaven Hill Distilleries Introduces Evan Williams Apple Orchard Seasonal Liqueur for Fall 2012

Heaven Hill Distilleries, Inc., the country’s largest independent family-owned and operated spirits producer, announces the newest addition to the Evan Williams Bourbon family—Evan Williams Apple Orchard Seasonal Liqueur.  Beginning in September, Evan Williams Apple Orchard is the first Bourbon-based apple cider liqueur and leverages the popularity of this seasonal flavor.

Evan Williams Apple Orchard marries flavor and heritage by using real apple cider and Evan Williams Bourbon.  This unique ready-to-serve seasonal specialty can be enjoyed right out of the bottle, or for a real treat can be warmed for a more traditional usage. 

For many years southerners have combined warmed apple cider or applejack with some good straight Bourbon for what is sometimes called a ciderhouse whiskey cocktail.  Now Evan Williams Apple Orchard makes that tradition easy and fun to replicate. 

Like Evan Williams Original Egg Nog, another seasonal product intended to be sold from November through the New Year, Evan Williams Apple Orchard will be pre-sold by Heaven Hill’s national network of wholesalers, and will be only available for the limited September through November time period.  Once shipments are depleted, no more will be made available until the next fall season.

“We believe that Evan Williams Apple Orchard will be a major consumer sensation this fall,” asserted Evan Williams Senior Brand Manager Susan Wahl.  “There are no other ready-to-serve products like it available today, and we believe the combination of an authentic apple cider and real Evan Williams Bourbon, warmed and served in a mug, will be one of the biggest new seasonal spirits launches this fall.”


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