High Liquors Launches Line of Ultra Premium Spirits

Russell, KY - High Liquors, the world’s first full line of ultra premium spirits, including vodka, rum, whiskey and tequila, has launched in select cities in Tennessee and Kentucky with plans of expanding to 10 more states by the end of the year. Best friends and co-founders, Brad Wright and Chris Lawson, developed the concept to fill a niche for a full premium liquor product line under one brand.

high Liquor

After meeting over a decade ago at The University of Kentucky, Wright and Lawson have since been determined to join forces in the business world. In 2009, the duo reconnected and decided to channel their passion for the beverage industry by funding their own liquor company, High Liquors, the first brand to offer the highest quality spirits in every category.

“We were frustrated with the vast differences in quality that all of the premium spirits brands possessed. If there was a vodka brand that you love, but you also like tequila, you had to go the extremely expensive route of trying all the tequilas out there in hopes of matching the quality of the vodka brand you enjoy. That’s because your favorite vodka brand only makes vodka,” says Lawson.

Wright and Lawson wanted to ensure that the liquors they produced were made from the highest quality ingredients and materials available. Not wanting to be tied to one distillery, they searched for the best in class producer for each spirit. For almost two years they sampled from only the most renowned independent distilleries in the world, at the same time, working on a completely custom bottle and graphically refined image worthy of the most comprehensive ultra premium brand. High Rum is distilled in Trinidad and Tobago, High Vodka in Ketchum, Idaho, High Tequila in Tequila, Mexico, and High Whiskey in Lawrenceburg, Indiana.

All High Liquors spirits are made with “lots of TLC,” says Wright, “Not only are we using the best distillery for each individual spirit, but they are also made in smaller batches and take more time to distill since they are handcrafted instead of using an automated process.” High Liquors plans to expand their top quality product line to include gin and scotch later this year.

Currently, High Liquors is available in select bars, restaurants, country clubs and various beverage retailers in Kentucky and Tennessee including Lamplight, Jax Liquor, Liquor City, Liquor Barn, Red Dot and Chucks. High Liquors will be available in 10 more states and online by the end of 2011.


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