Holo-Walls Presents LED Illuminated Liquid Fusion Tabletops

Holo-Walls, LLC, producers of holographic films and unique decor products for special events, entertainment, design and architecture, Liquid Earthannounces their newest creation in the Liquid Fusion line of products, LED Liquid Tabletops — an interactive, LED-illuminated liquid-encased tile that operates on a rechargeable battery or direct power. Standard size is 31.5 in. in diameter; custom fabrication is also available.

The modular, interactive liquid-filled tops are made up of two sheets of PVC and can have virtually any color combination. Each are sealed with two bi-chromatic opposing liquids that are safe and non-toxic. The contained liquids swirl around each other as hand pressure is exerted along the table surface. An LED-illuminated panel is positioned under each Liquid Fusion tile, allowing the liquids to light up. Eye-catching and durable, the Liquid Fusion tops are lightweight and easy to use and are edge-trimmed with an attractive chrome finish. The tops are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that will light up each tabletop for up to 10 hours from a single charge or can be powered directly from a standard electrical outlet.

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