HubWorks Interactive Launches New Line of Ordering Systems

Coeur d’Alene, Idaho – HubWorks Interactive ¬LLC, the developer of innovative iPad and mobile-ordering systems for businesses in the hospitality industry, is excited to announce the release of its DrinkHub, FoodHub and DrinkHub Mobile applications. Designed to enhance the customer experience while improving operational efficiency, DrinkHub, FoodHub and DrinkHub Mobile have already created a buzz at restaurants, bars and nightclubs across the nation.


“Bar, nightclub and restaurant owners are always looking for new ways to make their establishments more efficient and more profitable,” said Rob Berger, president of HubWorks Interactive. “And HubWorks Interactive’s new line of iPad-based ordering systems gives them the technology to do just that, while making the customer experience more fun and enjoyable.”

How HubWorks Interactive Works

In the past, restaurant, nightclub and bar patrons were dependent on a server to take their order – and could be kept waiting 20 minutes or more, but not anymore. That’s because with HubWorks Interactive’s iPad-based ordering systems, customers can place their own food and/or drink order via an iPad mounted to their table – or via smartphone, using the DrinkHub Mobile app.

Once a customer has placed his order via DrinkHub and/or FoodHub, wait staff is automatically notified – and can quickly fill the order and deliver it to the customer.

“Most people know how to use an iPad or tablet or smartphone, so the technology is very intuitive and simple to use,” explained Berger.

In addition to allowing customers to place food and drink orders, including customizing or modifying menu items, Drink Hub and Food Hub contain various entertainment apps – as well as access to Facebook and other popular social media sites – to keep guests occupied during wait times.

To further enhance the entire dining or drinking experience, HubWorks Interactive has also developed MyHub, a complimentary service that allows patrons to create a unique account to save favorite orders and view order history. MyHub also allows venues to identify loyal customers, offer them discounts, and advertise promotions.


All HubWorks Interactive solutions integrate seamlessly with an establishment’s current Point-of-Sale System (POS) – and are easy for business owners to deploy and maintain. Moreover, by absorbing the traditional order placement and billing responsibilities normally assigned to the serving staff, DrinkHub and FoodHub help control costs and improve productivity and profitability.

DrinkHub and FoodHub are also popular with servers as they allow them to better service customers. As a result, cocktail servers at establishments that currently use DrinkHub receive an average gratuity of 23%, high above the average tip. And businesses that use DrinkHub and FoodHub tend to enjoy greater customer loyalty.

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