Independent Distillers Launches 2 New Flavors of Naughty Cow Line - Cake and Raspberry

Naughty CowIndependent Distillers Launches two new flavors to their wildly successful Naughty Cow line. We like to call it Chocolate Milk for Grownups!  Along with the original Chocolate Milk flavor, Naughty Cow is now available in Naughty Cow Raspberry – rich chocolate combined with the sweet and tart flavor of raspberries; it’s like drinking an indulgent raspberry truffle and Naughty Cow Cake, which pairs sinful chocolate and cake flavors for an experience that’s a celebration all on its own.

Packaged in 750-ml bottles with fun graphics, Naughty Cow is made with high-quality vodka and features a unique milk-processing technique developed by Independent Distillers that creates a smooth, real-cream beverage with a delicious chocolate flavor. Priced at $16.99 it is perfect for any type of celebration or get-together. As we like to say “It’s Time for a Little Naughty!”

Naughty Cow is a fun alternative to similar products. It offers edge and attitude, a distinct price advantage over Bailey’s and Adult Chocolate Milk along with strong margins for retailers.
Naughty Cow is produced by Independent Distillers, recent recipients of the Impact Hot Prospect Award for Twisted Shotz, their phenomenal Ready-To-Drink, bartender-quality,  layered shot drinks. All Independent Distiller's products are available nationally.


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