Independent Distillers USA, Launches Two New Flavors

Independent Distillers USA, launches two exciting new flavors to its wildly successful Twisted Shotz portfolio – Killer Bee, made with genuine Kentucky bourbon and honey liqueur and Hot Licks, made with genuine Kentucky bourbon and cinnamon Liqueur.

Honey bourbon and cinnamon whiskey are the primary drivers of the rapidly growing flavored spirits category. The two new Twisted Shotz are made with real Kentucky bourbon so they go down smooth.

Twisted Shotz offers bartender-quality layered shot drinks without the hassle of buying multiple ingredients and mixing shots themselves. The packaging is bright, colorful and eye-catching.

Each shot comes in cool, reusable split shot glass with the spirits on one side and the flavors on the other. As you tip the shot glass, the flavors mix in your mouth. The Shotz are made with real spirits and high-quality ingredients.

Twisted Shotz’ other popular flavors are – Porn Star, B-52, Sex on the Beach, Rattlesnake, Strawberry Sundae, Whipped Orange, Miami Vice and Buttery Nipple.

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