Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia Collaborates with TCHO on Limited Edition Tequila-Infused Chocolate

Bay Area Chocolatier Reveals Luxury Confections for Valentine’s Day

NEW YORK – Jose Cuervo Reserva de la Familia, the highest quality reserve tequila of the Jose Cuervo collection, partners with celebrated Bay Area chocolatier, TCHO, on the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for the true chocolate and tequila connoisseur. The 12-piece limited-edition exquisite box sets of Reserva de la Familia-infused dark chocolate are now available for the very first time.

Since 1795, it has been the Cuervo family tradition to enjoy their private tequila reserves with dark chocolate to unlock the flavors hidden within the ultra-complex extra añejo. As an homage to this ritual, TCHO has developed chocolate squares studded with tequila-infused cacao nibs that share the rich, multi-layered notes found in the exceptional tequila.

For this collaboration, TCHO developed a custom blend of dark chocolate with cacao beans from Peru (fruity), Ecuador (nutty) and Ghana (fudgy). Next, to infuse the water-based tequila into the oil-based chocolate, Brad Kintzer, TCHO’s Chief Chocolate Maker, spent four months soaking organic cacao nibs in Reserva de la Familia to deliver nuances of the smooth tequila. The final step fused the two to craft the very best dark chocolate bar. The result is a subtle, yet wonderful harmony of chocolate and tequila, seamlessly balancing the complexity and impeccable nature of both.

Tasting Notes: The delectable dark chocolate square elicits delicate flavors of rich chocolate pastries, burnt brownie ends, dried stone fruits, light hints of toasted agave, freshly cut oak balanced with spiced almonds, burnt caramel and vanilla.

“At TCHO, we are passionate about chocolate origins and craftsmanship,” says Kintzer. “Chocolate and tequila both have a long history in Mexico, and we wanted to honor the tequila’s legacy and create a chocolate that connects both TCHO and Reserva de la Familia’s dedication to artistry and using only the finest ingredients. I was excited at the prospect of finding a way to bring this wonderful spirit in our confections. After months of careful research and development, we are proud to share with you all this new delicacy for Valentine’s Day. This chocolate can be enjoyed on its own, but it is created especially to pair with the rich extra añejo tequila.”

Each box set is adorned with the artwork of Mexican artist, Jorge Méndez Blake. The design represents the landscapes of Mexico, mainly the Ceboruco volcano – iconic to the landscape of Tequila and one which Blake associates with his time spent there when he was younger.

The TCHO x Reserva de la Familia dark chocolate 12-piece (8g) box sets are now available for sale for a limited time for $19.99 online at and at the TCHO kiosk at the Westfield San Francisco Centre.

About Jose Cuervo®

Founded in 1795, Jose Cuervo® has been making tequila for over 220 years utilizing the experience, craftsmanship and recipes that have been handed down through 11 generations. The family’s distillery, La Rojeña, is the oldest of its kind in Latin America and remains dedicated to producing its award winning tequila today on the same land in the town of Tequila, Jalisco. The Jose Cuervo collection includes 250 Aniversario, Reserva de la Familia, Tradicional, Jose Cuervo Especial and Jose Cuervo Authentic Margaritas. For more information, visit


TCHO is a craft chocolate maker in San Francisco, supplying bars of dark and milk chocolate, chocolate drenched treats, and drinking chocolate to consumers and professional chefs nationwide. In addition to their store and website, TCHO products can be found in over 850 gourmet specialty and natural food retail accounts nationwide, including Whole Foods, Fairways, Gelsons, Bristol Farms, etc. Look for TCHO as an ingredient on dessert menus at your favorite restaurants, too.

TCHO is New American Chocolate. What does it take to make New American Chocolate? Obsession. Obsession with flavor. Obsession with innovation. Obsession over fusing the two to craft the very best chocolate, from bean to bar. The obsession begins at origin. We don't just buy good beans, we help make the best beans. TCHOSource is our unique sourcing program, designed to obtain the best beans in the world while enabling the producers of those beans to earn a better living. For more information about TCHO's flavor obsessions and the TCHOSource program, please check out our website at



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