Kanon Organic Vodka Launches in U.S.

Kanon Organic Vodka, produced by the 16th-century Gripsholm Distillery, the only EU and U.S. certified organic distillery in KanonSweden, has been released in restaurants, bars, hotels and retail stores throughout New York, South Floria and California. The brand has made a commitment to organic, sustainable and localized production.

Each bottle of Kanon contains only the best results of the distillation process, or the “heart” of the vodka. The leftover parts, known as the “head” and “tail” — the parts that many vodka brands keep distilling — are turned into bio-gas and reused in public transportation and bio-gas–fueled cars.

Kanon’s four-column, single distillation process is a counterpoint to the industry standard of multiple distillation and charcoal distillation. The result is a full, natural flavor that’s free of impurities and the “burn” associated with mass-produced vodka.

The entire wheat-to-bottle production process of Kanon is limited to a three-mile radius using untouched well water and 100% organic wheat sourced directly from four local, organic farmers who use neither synthetic fertilizers nor pesticides, according to EU and NOP organic standards. Kanon is distilled with naturally occurring yeast and starch.

Each piece of refuse that comes out of the process of producing Kanon is reused or recycled with the bottles themselves, which are made from recycled glass, and the entire package is recyclable. The electricity of the Gripsholm distillery is generated solely by wind and water power, with even the steam produced from the organic-wheat fermentation process channeled to produce the heat used in the Kanon Organic Vodka offices.  Kanon recognizes that there are always ways to improve its practices and has made a commitment to continue to make new strides in sustainable development.


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