Le Whiskey and Le Baby Whiskey from Peugeot Specially Produced Glasses for the Best Aromas and Taste

GlassLe Whiskey and Le Baby Whiskey Glasses from Peugeot capture aromas in the glass to offer a superior taste experience versus classic straight-wall tumblers. Designed in France, they enhance the presentation of spirits and fruit brandies in fine restaurants, hotels and bars.

Their distinctive rounded shape makes an ideal backdrop for a smooth swirl of whisky in the glass.  This curvaceous shape culminates in a relatively narrow opening at the top that captures rich aromas and directs them towards the nose, without concentrating the smell of alcohol.  This allows the taster to fully appreciate subtle aromas, without being overpowered by the alcohol’s heaviness and strength.

The hand-blown glass is brilliantly transparent.  It has a very thin rim that allows for full enjoyment when the whiskey enters the taster’s mouth.  The thick glass base provides stability on the table and comfort in the hand, and it prevents warming of the whiskey to maintain its ideal serving temperature.

Two sizes are available; each specialized for a different whiskey experience.  Le Baby Whiskey is 4 inches high and holds 11½ ounces, sized for whiskey neat and selected types such as fine Japanese whiskeys and some of the more peaty whiskeys.  On the other hand, some whiskeys need more volume to express themselves, and these will be enhanced in the larger Le Whiskey, which is 4¾ inches high and holds 16½ ounces.  This size can accommodate ice cubes, or ice stones that avoid water melting in the glass.

Le Whiskey and Le Baby Whiskey are investments that pay rich dividends in customer satisfaction, appealing to the eye, the nose and the palate.  They are part of Peugeot’s Les Universels collection, which also includes glasses for Bourgogne, Bordeaux and Cognac.

The Le Baby Whiskey has a list price of $35 for a set of 2, and the Le Whiskey is $45 for a set of two.  Both are available for immediate shipment.

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