Lustau Vermut Arrives in the US

First launched in its native Spanish market early last year, Lustau Vermut debuts in the US this Spring.


Endorsed by a reputation for quality and heritage behind the recipe, Lustau Vermut originates in the wisdom of two celebrated family traditions: The House of Lustau –artisanal winemakers for over a century, experts in creating enological gems; and the Caballero family – master blenders of crafted spirits since 1830, who dominate in the subtle art of aroma extraction and blending.

The secret of the Lustau Vermut formula lies in the harmonious and complex union of sherry wines and botanicals.

The base sherry wine, a blend of a sweet and velvety Pedros Ximenez and a dry and nutty Amontillado, both aged separately for 10 years in their own soleras at the House of Lustau cellars in Jerez, each with its own flavors, aromas and traits, contribute to the unique personality of this sherry vermouth.

The botanicals, macerated separately for optimal aroma extraction are then expertly combined to obtain the perfect blend. Wormwood, gentian, coriander and orange peel notes stand out among the array of fragrant plant, fruit and spice aromas, laced with citrus and herbs over a smoky wood background.

Mahogany in color with reddish glints, the palate is silky, flavorful and balanced with a finish delicately accompanied by a nutty aftertaste.

A popular aperitif in the 18th century, vermouth has undergone a recent resurgence in Spain, the UK and the US – enjoyed on its own, over ice or in classic cocktails such as the Negroni and the Manhattan.

The distinctive Lustau Vermut packaging was designed by Unopuntocuatro to reflect the alluring personality and intriguing taste inside of every bottle.

Imported by: Europvin USA

Suggested Retail Price: $22.00

Distribution: National roll out

About the House of Lustau

The House of Lustau is a Spanish producer of sherries, brandies and vermouth based in Jerez, Spain. Most well-known for its ‘Almacenista’ range of sherries, the products of small family-owned bodegas that are marketed as special offerings under the House of Lustau name. The history of Lustau dates back to 1896, when it was founded by Don José Ruiz-Berdejo. In 1990, the company was sold to the Luis Caballero family.


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