Mandarine NapolA(C)on Launches Latest Batch of Limited Edition XO

Royal Dutch Distillers, a subsidiary of De Kuyper Royal Distillers, recently released a limited batch of Mandarine Napoléon XO. The Mandarine Napoléon XO is available in a luxury edition and a very limited collector’s edition.
The XO, first produced in the early 1900s, is made of fine cognac that is oak-aged for 30 years and grapes from a secret location in the famous Grande Champagne. As much as 43% of this liqueur is cognac, which is mixed with a distillate crafted from mandarin peels that are macerated and blended with the 27 enriching herbs and spices. The result: a fresh, soft mandarin flavor with a deliciously balanced cognac aftertaste. Each round of production yields a different number of bottles produced. The most recent run provided enough XO for 900 bottles globally.
The luxury edition, priced at $300 a bottle, comes in a black luxury case. The spirit itself resides in an opulent tear-shaped bottle composed of encased broken glass that exudes a warm, amber hue. The hand-blown bottles are treated with an acid so each individual bottle cracks in a unique way ensuring that no two bottles are alike.
Mandarine Napoléon XO’s enticing flavor is intended to sip neat as well as used in cocktails. World famous bartenders have created specialty drinks using the limited-edition product. At his acclaimed bar PDT in New York City, Jim Meehan offers the Napoléon’s Opera, a cocktail with: Mandarine Napoléon XO, gin, Dubonnet Rouge, and Angostura bitters.


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